Machining Services

Saw Cutting

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We perform saw cutting of initial billet, prior to forging as well as trimming ends for product, prior to shipping. Anderson Shumaker also provides the following capabilities on one of our five band saws.

Cutting diameters up to 42 inches, we have the capabilities to part rings as thin as ½” thick from one sleeve which saves money on thin rings. Parts can also be “nested” and cut from larger stock on our band saws, parts an also be stacked and cut on larger equipment saving time and additional steps in manufacturing.


Anderson Shumaker has the capability to machine your part to near net shape, in house. Our manual lathes and milling machines can machine your forging to cnc ready, improving your lead-time.

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Heat Treating

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Proper thermal processing is essential in the manufacturing of quality parts. Annealing after forging, removes stresses produced during the forging process. With state of the art controls, temperatures are maintained to assure proper metallurgical requirements are met. Polymer quenching, normalizing, tempering, annealing, age hardening can all be performed in house to assure trace ability and improve lead-time.

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Non-Destructive Testing

Ultrasonic testing, bounces a sound wave through the forging looking for a back reflection, which could mean a defect in the material.

Liquid penetrant testing, a die is sprayed over the forging, penetrating any cracks or defects on the surface. Afterwards, the part is examined under a special light that would illuminate any imperfection.

Any of the non-destructive testing performed on a forging may require machining to achieve desired results.

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Destructive Testing

Testing such as charpy impact, tensile, stress rupture, grain size, macro and micro, can be performed by forging an extra test coupon, using an extra forging or putting a prolongation on the forging and removing it for testing. The test piece is broken and measurements are taken and recorded to insure the material is capable of the desired requirements of the specification.

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