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Titanium Forging

Anderson Shumaker produces titanium open die forgings to meet your custom needs, any size you need, in large production runs or a single piece. Our skilled craftsman can produce your titanium open die forging  to your required shape be it rings, hubs, discs, round bars, flat bars, step shafts or a custom forged shape.


To further meet your specific forging requirements Anderson Shumaker offers value added operations including: hest treating, physical testing, non-destructive testing, rough machining and finish machining.

Titanium open die forgings offer maximum impact strength, superior internal integrity, eliminating internal voids as compared to castings.

  • Titanium: 6AL4V CP2 5AL2SN 6AL2SN4ZR2MO
  • AMS 4920 4926 4928 49931 4965 4967 4976

Titanium Open Die Forging Photos

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titanium forged rings titanium open die forged rings forged titanium rings

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