2014 Aluminum UNS A92014

2014 aluminum is one of the strongest Heat-treatable alloys for screw machine applications. 2014 has good mechanical properties and has good weldability, but it has only fair corrosion resistance.  It can be substituted for 2024 in many applications.

Applications: Screw Machine, Aerospace, General applications.

Aging: Artificial aging is most commonly used for this alloy.  Tempering is widely used for most applications, T-4/T451, T-6/T651 are most commonly used.

Chemistry Analysis


Max 0.15%   Manganese 0.40 - 1.20%
Max 0.2%   Copper 3.9 - 5.0%
0.50 -
  Chromium  Max 0.10%
 Zinc  Max  0.25%    Iron  Max 0.70%
Magnesium 0.20 - 0.80%    Aluminum   Balance


Typical Room Temperature Tensile Properties

Temper Temperature Yield 0.2% Yield 0.2% Ultimate Tensile Strength % Elongation in 2” (50.8mm)
0.2% offset 0.2% offset
ksi mpa ksi mpa
0 Temper
14 97 27 186 18
T-4 42 290 62 427 20
T-6 60 414 70 483 13


Machinability: 2014 machines easily in any condition

Specifications: AMS 4121, ASTM B211


Shapes Manufactured:

Flat Bars, Square Bars, Round Bars, Rings, Hollows, Discs, Blocks and special Shapes.  Send us a drawing to see how we can save you material and Machining time!

The information in this data sheet is for information only and should not be used for engineering.

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