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Forged Round Bars

Anderson Shumaker raises the "bar" with our forged round bar and machined bar selection. No matter what your needs are, Anderson Shumaker has the right bar for you. By forging the metal materials, it creates a sound center within the bar. We are able to machine or forge round bars from any of our forging materials including stainless steel, exotic alloys, nickel based alloys, alloy steel, tool steel as well as aluminum and titanium. Our forged bars are typically sized from 1½” up to 36” in diameter and weigh up to 20,000# max. No minimum order requirement, custom sizes available.

Short runs are our specialty! We have the capability to produce sound center bars up to 240” long. Regardless if the bar is forged surface, rough machined,  or even ground bars, our round bars can be produced in a short amount of time.

Feel free to give us a call or contact us about your forged round bar needs!

Forged Bar Photos

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forged round bars round bar open die forging forged round bars open die forged round bars forged round bars

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