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Open Die Forging - High Quality, Custom Forgings

Open die forging by Anderson Shumaker represents the best in high quality, custom forgings. Open die forging is the shaping of heated metals between two dies, without enclosing the work piece. Our open die forging services covers a variety of forged shapes and forging materials, such as 303 stainless steel and 440c stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel and various grades of alloy steel. Anderson Shumaker can work open-die forgings into discs, hubs, rings, blocks, bars as well as custom shapes. Advantages of open-die forgings feature better fatigue resistance, improved strength, continuous grain flow and more.

Anderson Shumaker is the forging specialist, with the equipment and craftsmen to produce the highest quality forgings. Anderson Shumaker forgings will stand up in service and we stand behind every product.

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